To Be Or Not To Be? The World of Warcraft Conundrum

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Clouds sift above me as I rest back, atop a huge blimp, anticipating the wild ride that will soon begin. Of course, it’s not the blimp that I’m talking about. It’s the end result. Next to me, Haggas chuckles as he teaches me how to ninja into Orgrimmar. He, a Dwarf, and myself, a Draeni, both level 85 Paladins, are well enough geared, but there’s no way we will survive a PVP attack should we get caught. I try to explain the dynamics of the city, how to hop on his mount and fly straight for the Cleft of Shadows into Ragefire Chasm, the lowest level Horde dungeon and the only one I need to run to earn the Classic Dungeon Achievement. We shift dimensions, waiting for our “Sweet Ride” to stop. I shoot off the blimp on my white Gryphon, dodging angry NPC’s, darting down into the dungeon unscathed.

Haggas cries, “Sowilo, help!”

“You’re on your own,” I respond as my earphones shift a bit.

I am safe, but every time I peek out, enemies glare my way raising their weapons. Never mind that I am the aggressor who has just invaded the enemy city. Eventually, he joins me, as naked as a World of Warcraft character can be – he took off his armor so it wouldn’t get damaged. He died at least 10 times trying to find me. Today, the Horde players are all enemies.

But what faction will I be tomorrow? Will I ever choose a side, or am I doomed to be fickle, forever changing.

According to, World of Warcraft has faced a large decline in the last year, going down from 8.3 million in the first quarter of 2013 to 7.7 million, largely due to players in China opting to play League of Legends, a free-to-play MMO offered by Riot Games. It does seem that the population has changed, but there are still over 7 million of us WOW Addicts pugging, raiding, questing, and losing ourselves in a world of magic, amassing gold and armor, among other things. The options for race, class and play style are almost endless – ergo the dilemma over faction.

If you get caught up in Trade Chat Trolling, or Battleground whimpering, you’ll see how the haters whine.

If you’re Alliance, they say, “Oh, the Allies suck. They can’t play the game because they’re all kids.”

If you’re Horde, you read, “What happened to the Horde? We used to win, but now we always lose in PVP. I think I’ll roll an Ally.”

Is there any truth in the claims? I believe it comes down to teamwork, not faction. You win some battles and lose other ones, it all depends on the group. Pugs are that way. They’re incredibly infuriating at times, but highly addictive. The team you get is just a form of Russian Roulette.

In the end, I assume most players multi-task. Go figure, it’s a multi-player game with multiple options. Over the 5 years I played the game, I grew bored with the same characters, quests, and cities. I wanted a fuller experience of the game, so I began to faction hop. If I want a human, I play one. If I decide to “Rogue-it” as a Goblin, I do that too. Now I know both sides, so if a group decides to plunder a major city, I know how to navigate every inch of it. Right now, I play Horde on the Kilrogg Server because that’s where my friends are. Yes, I have to admit, I fell for the Blood Elf scheme to take over the Horde world with Barbies, but I like how they move. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So, if you are a WOW lover, be proud of your choice. Don’t be afraid to try new things or admit your urge to flow from one faction to the other. It’s not being unfaithful, it’s called variety. Overall, enjoy the game the way you like it, without guilt.

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