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Battlefield 3 comes with an OK soundtrack. I mean I’m not a huge fan of it. To be honest, except for the part of the Main Theme where you jump out of the plane up until the parachutes open – epic! – I have a hard time remembering any piece of music from the BF 3 soundtrack.

That’s even more deplorable, since the gameplay itself gives me goosebumps. And obviously it inspires loads of people with a ‘musical bone’ ┬áto create their own “Unofficial Battlefield 3 soundtrack”.

One of them is “John Dreamer”, a highly talented musician who felt inspired to compose this:

It is called “It’s Time”, and it’s time you listen in if you’re as much of an aficionado of game soundtracks as I am.

I think it’s awesome. And John allows us to share and use it freely (with an attribution, of course) …

I especially love the part starting at 2:05, when the percussion switches to half-notes (did I explain that correctly, John?), perfectly releasing the built-up tension – and giving me goosebumps!

So John, we just did – we shared – Mission Accomplished!



PS.: The Battlefield 4 Soundtrack, at least, seems really likely to live up to my expectations

PPS: Here’s another great theme “Brotherhood” by John:

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