• Welcome to PCGamerhub
    7:27 AM

    We are huge fans of playing video games on our PCs, and though we do own XBOXs and smartphones we strongly believe that PC gaming is the way to go

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  • Best Gaming Laptops as of March 2015
    5:35 PM

    Best Gaming Laptops as of March 2015: In an age of tablets and smartphones the laptop still reigns supreme in one arena, gaming. While there are a few tablets with the horsepower to play high in games, few have great built in controls and most are still a good bit too cumbersome to be considered comfortable or sufficiently portable to be worth the cost or effort. If you want to play some high end and graphics intensive games on the go your best bet is still a laptop, and below are the two best choices around as of March 2015. Best

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  • 10:53 AM

    is the season to games for really cheap, and even though it’s already the New Year there’s a ton deals that can net you great games for almost nothing.

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  • 12:36 PM

    The Directron FM2 Budget Gaming PC comes packed with a decent outfit of hardware that won’t leave a big hole in your bank account. Check it out.

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